CamundaCon 2023: Elevating Hybrid Experiences with Seamless Streaming Solutions

CamundaCon 2023, the inaugural CamundaCon event in North America, unfolded as a groundbreaking two-day hybrid experience held in the vibrant backdrop of New York City. Spanning both physical and digital realms, the event occurred from September 27-28, with a mission to seamlessly connect a diverse audience.


The primary objectives of CamundaCon 2023 were twofold: to deliver an unparalleled live video experience to a virtual audience of up to 3000 on the Hopin platform and to empower keynote speakers to deliver interactive presentations from remote locations to engaged live audiences.


  1. Pre-Production Planning and Engineering: Showstream embarked on a meticulous pre-production journey, collaborating closely with conference producers and audiovisual providers. The goal was to craft a robust technical solution capable of supporting two stages concurrently throughout the two-day event.
  2. On-Site Crew and Equipment: Showstream’s commitment to excellence was demonstrated through the deployment of two vMix content producers and one streaming director. This dedicated team provided comprehensive support for two stages, complemented by a roaming camera crew, ensuring a seamless and dynamic event experience.
  3. Post-Production: The commitment to excellence extended beyond the live event. Showstream’s skilled editors worked diligently to deliver 32 conference sessions as ready-to-publish video content within a remarkable two business days. The result: a comprehensive on-demand library of the entire event, accessible to a global audience.

    You can view the entire on-demand library here.


Showstream’s multifaceted solution emerged as the driving force behind the seamless streaming production at CamundaCon 2023. The impact reverberated through the virtual corridors, serving thousands of engaged virtual attendees during the event. Furthermore, the legacy of CamundaCon 2023 endures, with the meticulously curated content being seamlessly integrated into Camunda’s on-demand video library. Showstream’s contribution not only met but exceeded the ambitious objectives set for the event, creating a lasting impact on the accessibility and reach of CamundaCon beyond the confines of time and space.