Empowering Connectivity: Showstream’s Success in Facilitating Disability Rights Advocates’ 30th Anniversary Gala

In commemoration of its 30th Anniversary Gala, Disability Rights Advocates (DRA) envisioned an inclusive celebration that transcended geographical boundaries. Eager to unite guests from coast to coast, the DRA enlisted the expertise of Showstream to navigate the intricacies of a live-streamed event, addressing key challenges such as stage-to-stage latency, venue connectivity, interactivity between locations, and seamless integration with audiovisual providers at two distinct venues.


The overarching goal was to ensure that every speaker, guest, and performer experienced active participation in a captivating live simulcast event.


Showstream embraced a comprehensive strategy, incorporating:

  1. Pre-Production Engineering: Collaborating closely with event producers and audiovisual providers at the two venue locations, Showstream meticulously designed a technical solution to impeccably support the event’s intricate run-of-show.
  2. Dedicated Cloud Architecture: To guarantee a high-quality, low-latency experience across all locations, Showstream implemented a dedicated cloud streaming architecture.
  3. On-Site Crew and Equipment: Establishing an in-home studio in Los Angeles and deploying a skilled stream technician to the Palace Theater in San Francisco ensured a seamless execution of the gala.


The successful collaboration between Disability Rights Advocates and Showstream enabled the realization of simultaneous in-person galas in New York and San Francisco. Moreover, virtual participation from guests across the country significantly expanded the event’s reach. The impact was not only measured in the unprecedented level of connectivity achieved but also in the generous donations received, totaling an incredible $1 million. Without Showstream’s expertise, this groundbreaking celebration and its consequential success for the DRA would not have been possible.