One Times Square: A Dazzling Flash Mob Spectacle in the Heart of NYC

In the heart of the bustling Times Square, a carefully orchestrated flash mob was poised to make an unforgettable impact. With hundreds of dancers and a choreographed performance of Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” this top-secret event aimed to engulf the entirety of Times Square in a spectacular display.

Our Solution

Showstream took on the challenge of not just capturing but amplifying the magic of the moment. Our objective was to captivate every passerby in Times Square by streaming live video to a colossal new video wall installation at the iconic 1 Times Square building.


  1. Pre-Production Collaboration: To seamlessly integrate with the 25-story, 363-foot-tall video screen on the northern façade, we worked with the engineers at 1 Times Square. Understanding the intricacies of their system was crucial to ensuring a flawless projection of the performance.
  2. On-Site Crew and Equipment: Showstream brought the spectacle to life with a four-camera team, including a 40-foot crane-mounted camera, strategically positioned to capture every angle of the stunt. The deployment of cutting-edge equipment and a skilled crew was pivotal in delivering a captivating visual experience.

Outcome: The result was nothing short of spectacular. Showstream flawlessly documented the entire performance, eliciting delight from both the onlookers present in Times Square and those tuned in via live social media. This immersive capture of the flash mob’s energy and precision showcased our ability to seamlessly blend technology, creativity, and on-site execution, leaving an indelible mark on the iconic landscape of Times Square.