What Is Showstream?


In this new age of live streaming video, event managers are dealing with a new set of expectations from clients when it comes to live events like conferences, press events, concerts, town halls, high profile corporate announcements, and more.

We created Showstream to be a new kind of video production company that specializes in streaming broadcast production. We see streaming broadcast as an emerging form of video production that incorporates the guiding principles of traditional live television production with new live streaming tools and equipment that have recently become available to video professionals.

Many of our clients have the following problem before they find Showstream:

  • Broadcast production companies are unaffordable to smaller event productions.

  • Corporate video production companies know a lot about shooting and editing, but when it comes to executing a live production, they usually fall short of expectations.

Here are some of our core values and guiding principles at Showstream:

  • We understand that in 2019, video production isn't just about the record button, it’s more about the GO LIVE button.

  • We understand that with live streaming, you can’t just “fix it in post” like so many producers are accustomed to saying.  We plan our productions carefully making sure that the scope of the project fits the human resources and technology we bring to the production site.

  • We partner with our clients to provide insight and coordination during the pre-production process.

  • We integrate with available audiovisual resources to create customizable “plug and play” video solutions that stream to global audiences.

  • We offer cost saving and innovative cloud based streaming solutions for events including Global One, Stream Blastr, and Live Panel realtime stage conferencing.