Live Streaming Solutions for Events's cloud based tools are now available as a standalone service to event producers outside the NYC area. Please visit the Production Services page to learn about our NYC based live video production services. is the engine that drives large scale live streaming events. Our fully managed live streaming toolkit is proprietary, cloud based, and available worldwide.

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4K Live Video Player

Bypass third party branding and stream events in high definition or 4K ultra high definition directly to your website using our embeddable HLS live video player. Our player is compatible with all platforms and all devices. ABR (adaptive bitrate) playback allows the player to dynamically adjust video quality based on a viewer's available bandwidth, device performance and network conditions.



Cloud Simulcast is a multichannel streaming service that delivers a live stream to many live video platforms at the same time.

Event producers want to bring events to more than one platform or account, but network speeds often limit the number of streams that can be sent over one internet connection. SHOWSTRE.AM Cloud Simulcast solves this problem by receiving one stream from your event, then re-broadcasting it from our cloud network to many destinations in real time.

Drive sponsorship opportunities and increase visibility for your event by allowing partners and sponsors the ability to carry a live event to their social media channels.


360 Live Streaming VR

360° Virtual Reality live streaming offers the online viewer the very best seat in the house, creating an engaging and interactive experience with or without a VR headset.

Viewing a live 360 degree event requires no extra software or hardware; you simply open your browser and watch the video as normal, with the added benefit of being able to look in any direction.

We offer live 360 VR streaming support worldwide and 360 VR production services in the NYC area. 


Real Time Captioning

Add Closed Captioning to your event's live stream. A dedicated remote captioner will be reserved for your event. Facebook Live, YouTube, and our embeddable 4K video player all support live captioning.


live dvr

Live DVR allows viewers to pause, play, and rewind live events in full quality. If viewers begin watching an event past the initial broadcast time, and do not want to miss any important content, this allows them to start at an earlier position. Content will remain viewable in a LiveDVR player for a pre-set period of time after the live event ends.


SHOWSTRE.AM Cloud Simulating can stream your event to unlimited live video platforms / destinations. We offer this cloud based service to events worldwide. Free stream configuration for first time customers (up to 8 destinations). For pricing, information and scheduling, call (212) 203-8190 or email