Video Production for Live Events

SHOWSTRE.AM's NYC based live video production team is specially trained in live streaming broadcast video production for events. Our multi-camera live workflow, dynamic video staffing and cloud based streaming tools make us the single best plug-in solution for high quality event broadcasting in NYC.


Broadcast Focused Video Production

Dynamic Video Staffing

Our professional live video staff understand the broadcast workflow and specialize in creating television quality multi-camera live streaming events. Our dynamic talent pool includes camera directors, stream technicians, camera operators, audio engineers, lighting directors, social media experts, web developers, set-designers, graphic designers and more.

Flexible Event Packages

Our customizable live video production packages range in size and scope. We can provide full a/v event packages that include cameras, audio, lights, staging, displays, projection and sound, or a "skeleton" video crew can integrate with an existing audiovisual department.

Broadcast Grade Equipment

We use broadcast grade cameras, lensing, switching and encoding to put your event on the forefront of live streaming media.

Budget Friendly

Our packages fit almost any event size and budget. Contact us today to receive a same-day quote for your event.

Interactive Events

360° Live Virtual Reality

360° Virtual Reality live streaming offers the online viewer the very best seat in the house, creating an engaging and interactive experience with or without a VR headset.

Viewing a live 360 degree event requires no extra software or hardware; you simply open your browser and watch the video as normal, with the added benefit of being able to look in any direction.

A 360 VR camera technician is available to stream your NYC event. Contact us for availablity and rates.

Designed for Live INteraction

Our production workflow is designed to support dynamic interactivity between on-stage talent and live stream viewers. A behind-the-scenes producer will help guide the show via our on-stage display monitoring.

Live Q&A, Polling, and more

Ask the audience a question, then watch as the chart updates automatically with their responses. Grab real-time questions from hashtags and comments. Select and display only the interactions you want. We'll customize a workflow to meet all of your interactive needs.

Planning / Solutions

Show Pre-Production

We help clients plan streaming events down to the minute, with their online viewership in mind. We'll work with your event planing staff to help program and coordinate your live stream across all channels for a successful live streaming event.

Total Event Coverage

Events are often complex and require more coordination than a standard TV shoot. Our diverse talent pool allows us to schedule and mobilize various types of production staff in many rooms within one event space.

Advertising Campaigns

We help advertising teams link large audiences to live streaming events by coordinating campaigns across various social media platforms prior to an event.