Core Values 2019

  • We get it—in 2019, video production isn't just about the record button...  it’s about the GO LIVE button!

  • We’re detail-oriented and we make sure the scope of our projects fit the human resources and technologies available.

  • We know planning is everything—you can’t ‘fix-in-post’ with live streams, so the event’s broadcast cannot falter.

  • We provide insights and coordination during all pre and post-production processes.

  • We readily integrate with already-on-the-ground A/V sources, creating customizable ‘plug and play’ solutions.

  • We offer in-house, cost-saving solutions like Global One dedicated player, Stream Blastr multi-platform live video disseminator, and Live Panel, an innovative real time stage conferencing solution normally seen only on cable news networks.



2005, The Birth of YouTube - YouTube has changed the way we think about videos. It started the shift of power to distribute video content away from major networks and into public hands. It eliminated the necessity for things like codecs, file names, and downloads. Today, more than 400 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube each minute, and one billion hours of content is viewed on YouTube every day.

2009, YouTube Goes Live - YouTube initially experimented with live video by streaming a massive U2 concert. It was a success, and YouTube began investing heavily into their Live components. Eight years later, Live had come to YouTube to bring live streaming to the YouTube app in 2017- but when they did, It changed everything all over again.

2017, Live Goes Mobile - Once YouTube brought Live capabilities to its mobile app, other platforms and engineers began their own Live projects, and the field was irrevocably changed. Suddenly, Live video could be anywhere; at a concert, on the street, or on a runway. It wasn’t tied down by things like an internet connection or a URL. It crept into our news and social feeds, onto our web pages, and into our lives.

2019, Live Becomes Necessary - Today, making Live video has become a de rigueur practice, and traditional broadcast production teams are scrambling to catch up with the technology and equipment vital to creating the “Live” experience viewers want and need. These large corporate producers charge much but deliver little, and leave targeted audiences feeling left out of an event, conference, or concert.

And that’s where Showstream comes in!

Planning a live event? Contact Showstream for a comprehensive cost estimate on streaming broadcast video services.


Team Showstream


Robert Merkle

Lead Producer

Robert is a multi-talented technical producer, editor, and director, who's been working along every phase of video and broadcast production for the past 15 years.

In 2012, Robert founded Merkle Media, a media production consultancy where he created lasting relationships with brands like Celine, Victoria's Secret, Guess?, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, and many more.

In 2017, Robert created Showstream to focus his production and broadcast expertise on live streaming events. Live streaming has become a more common practice today, yet is rarely executed correctly... thus the necessity for Showstream.

Robert has directed major streaming events like the WIRED Business Conference, Vulture Festival, and Glamour Women of the Year Summit. He's also worked with major studios like Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and the Syfy Network.


Alex Krstevski

Senior Technical Director, High Profile Events

Alex is a veteran director with credits on countless live streaming TV shows, including Intelligence Squared US Debates and Glamour Women of the Year Summit.

Alex approaches live events from a broadcast engineering perspective, driving large scale camera production at venues like New York’s Jazz at Lincoln Center and Newark’s massive Prudential Center.


Mark Cantore

Live Audio Engineer

Mark is a leader in the live sound engineering field, specializing in broadcast audio production and system design.


Jon Little

Senior Technical Director

Jon Little is a master content producer and specializes in fast paced communication driven video projects. His visual direction and live graphics production helps bring an on-brand feel to Showstream’s live events.

Jon has directed major streaming events, including The Tribeca Film Festival, Vulture Festival, and IBM’s Think NY.


Ross Baron

Live Event Specialist

Ross is a keen sales specialist and people person, leading Showstream’s new business efforts. He is a NYC-based stand-up comedian by night and also the creator, producer, and co-host of the iTunes comedy podcast Not Killing It.


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